Click the titles below to download a PDF of the article.

  • The identification and application of knowledge capital within small firms
  • (Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Volume 12 No 1 2005)
  • The Evaluation of Learning and Development
  • (CCH HR Asia e-newsletter, Issue 2 No 7)

  • The Rise of Executive Coaching
  • (CCH Asia, Asia Staff, June/July 2005 Vol. 1 No 5)
  • Managing Careers in a Changing Marketplace
  • (People Strategist, Issue No 15 May 2003)
  • Online Recruitment: help or hindrance?
  • (CCH Asia, People Strategist, Issue 11, August 2002)
  • Managing Cross-cultural Issues in a Multi-cultural Environment
  • (CCH Asia People Strategist, Issue 10, May 2002)
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